Custom Acoustic Panels


Showman AV in Hastings are now manufacturing and distributing a range of acoustic panels designed specifically for both commercial and domestic applications. The panels are already being installed in restaurants, open space meeting rooms and offices. 

Panels can be made from 600mm up to 2400mm. More recently, a new range of acoustic panels have been designed  for the domestic market incorporating built in audio streaming (AAP range) and remote-controlled LED lighting for use in home cinemas, bedrooms and lounges.


Choose from:

  • Close-wall fixing - using hidden interlocking brackets. Easy to install or remove as required.

  • Stand-off frames - provides a pleasing floating panel look.

  • Ceiling mounted - using hidden interlocking brackets, or where high ceilings require additional damping the panel can be suspended on chains.



Illuminated Acoustic Panels (ILP's)

These panels are backlit with either white or RGB LED lights mounted onto the rear stand-off frame providing both functional acoustic damping and aesthetically pleasing mood lighting to enhance any room or open space. Standard sizes coming in 900x1000 mm, 900x1200 mm, 900x1400mm for wall panels and additionally 1200x2400 mm for ceiling panels.


Standard Acoustic Panels (SAP's)

The basic SAP’s are made from high density, 50mm deep fire-retardant acoustic foam set in a wooden frame. Thickness, height and width can be made to be measure as required by the client. Choose from wall mounted or ceiling-hung panels which can be covered in a range of fire-retardant fabrics and colours of your choice. Standard sizes coming in 900x1000mm, 900x1200mm, 900x1400mm and 1200x2400mm.


Audio-Acoustic Panels (AAP's)

With built-in streaming audio - Our latest range now includes built-in wireless streaming that include Bluetooth connectivity which can controlled from any iOS or Android smart device. The AAP’s can be installed with either dual stereo, single stereo or mono speakers depending on size. The panels simply plug into the nearest mains socket, which can be concealed behind the panel. Standard sizes coming in 900x1000mm, 900x120mm, and 900x1400mm panels.


Custom-printed Acoustic Panels  (CAP's)

These custom order acoustic panels can be customised with your high resolution images.

Coming in a variety of sizes, contact us today for pricing.

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