2 channel listening area

Come and visit our demonstration room to experience the sheer magnificence of Waterfall Audio's Victoria Evo and Iguascu Evo. 

The glass floor-standing range of speakers are designed with Waterfall Audio's patented Acoustic Dampening Tube technology, which allows the drivers to function optimally in an undampended structure (such as glass). The result is a visually stunning speaker that blends into any d├ęcor, with sound reproduction that will blow you away.

Dolby Atmos listening area

Experience our Dolby Atmos listening area powered by Waterfall Audio's on-wall speakers and sub. 

An Atmos set-up is perfect for home cinema applications, and come with a whole range of specifications to suit practically any setting.

Unsure about what kind of equipment you need? Contact us today for a free*, no-obligation survey and quote.

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4K Projection

Want to be able to display a large image, but don't want to buy a large TV that's going to take over the room? A projector may be the perfect solution for you. 

With a range of connectivity options, resolutions and brightness levels, there's a solution for almost everybody. Coupled with an electric drop-down screen, you can have a discreet solution that doesn't take over your area.

Come in and have a chat with us to discuss what solutions are available and what would be best suited for your specification. 

Large-screen TV

Want to experience the latest in TV technology? 

Come to our demo room and experience stunning 4K picture and high definition sound powered by our 5.1 listening area.

Are you looking to get a TV but unsure about what size and technology you need? Look no further as Showman AV have you covered. 

Contact us for a free*, no obligation survey and quote to help you understand what equipment you require.

*Survey is free to those in the local area. Contact us for more info.

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