Showman AV will supply and install all equipment by trained competent personnel.

Goods remain the property of Showman AV Ltd until paid for in full.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they fully understand the product or system that they are purchasing. Once ordered, delivered, supplied or installed Showman AV cannot be held responsible for incorrect equipment or system functionality.

Where equipment is cancelled or returned due to incorrect customer requirements then Showman AV will be depending on condition make a minimum charge of 25% restocking fee will be made for each item.   Where full or part installation has been made then our standard hourly rate will be charged for de-installation.

All new products quoted will be supplied with the manufacturer’s warranty, the specific terms for which can be made available on request. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they fully read and understand the Warranty for each equipment supplied and the duration of the warranty.   Where a return to base warranty is issued by the manufacturer and a fault occurs the unit should be returned to the Showman AV where an initial inspection will be carried out.  

Product Classifications - products are classified as New (unopened box), B grade (open box but as new) or C stock (open box, used and maybe marked), Ex-Demo stock (As C maybe used more and maybe marked) or second user (returned products in full working condition supplied with no warranty).  

Where products have been classified as B, C, Ex-Demo or second user as above, Showman AV will only provide a limited warranty as stated on the sales invoice at the time of sale. Products cannot be returned for refund after 30 days from the date of invoice. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check all products on receipted delivery.   Any damage to the product or its packaging should be reported within 24hours and signed for as “Damaged” on the courier’s delivery receipt.  No products can be returned for refund after this time and will be treated as returned for repair out of warranty.

Customers should note that for the duration of the warranty that all packaging (internal and external) should be retained for the period of the warranty to ensure that correct packaging can be used if or when a product is returned for repair to Showman AV or the product manufacturer.  Showman AV or its suppliers cannot be held responsible for damaged caused to products during transit due to incorrect packing by the client.  

Where insufficient packaging is supplied by the customer for goods returned under warranty, restocking or repair, then a charge will be made to have the correct or suitable packaging supplied.

Should a fault be confirmed on a new product by Showman AV the unit will be returned to the manufacturer for repair under their warranty. No loan unit will be provided to the customer during this time unless previously agreed under a Support Contract. The customer may however choose to hire a loan unit for the duration of the repair time. Loan units are hired on a daily basis. Prices will vary depending on the equipment.

Where the equipment needs to be de-installed and re-installed and it is not covered by the warranty then a standard hourly rate will be charged plus any travel time, mileage, parking, congestion or other charges incurred during the period of work carried out.

Installation warranty is covered by Showman AV for a duration of 1 year. Where a system fault has occurred due to faulty installation, cabling, brackets or design then Showman AV will correct the fault free of charge unless the cabling has been installed by others eg Electrical contractors etc; whereby Showman AV will not presume any responsibility and will charge for any remedial work as required.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they fully understand the functionality of the products and the system at the time of handover. Callouts due to user error or incorrect use will be charged for at the standard hourly rate.  

Showman offers free 30 day support from the point of installation or handover (excludes and additional or remedial work requested the client which changes the original design). After this period, any callout will charged at the standard daily. Where out of hours callouts (outside 9am to 5pm) are required then the hourly rate will be time and half. Weekend hourly rates will be charged at double the hourly rate.

Showman AV nor its suppliers or subcontractor cannot be held responsible for damage to goods or the systems which has been caused by incorrect use or functional operations or handling by the client.

Initial and additional training to new staff can be provided at any time to key personnel who are deemed competent to receive the training.  Prices will be quoted on request unless otherwise quoted for in initial tender/quotation.

Hiring’s - Equipment Hire during periods where equipment has been returned must be paid for prior to hiring date or before delivery.

Payment Terms - Payment for Design, Project Preparation Work and Document Preparation will be required immediate on completion and prior to any commencement of installation of the project work. Payment for installation will be required within 30 days upon receipt of Invoice.

Showman AV Ltd reserve the right to charge 2.5% over the base rate for all payments not made on time. Payments over 60 days maybe be liable for the application of County Court Judgement without any further written notice.  

Graham Dawson